Neighborhood mysteries

When I returned from my relatively airport run, I found this machine partly blocking the driveway. It was escorted by another truck of the same size and a pickup.

Lacking jcb’s knowledge, I was unable to discern whether they were working on cable or telephone or even electric lines—the trucks just had contractor logos, no city or county office titles. Within the house, all seemed as functional as when I left!


  1. mouse's moom says:

    Prob’ly just the usual chainsaw massacre. Sigh.

  2. Sammy says:

    No vegetation trimming today, just fussing with cables/wires/those long things!

  3. Maureen says:

    Ok, so I got a new book on Watergate this weekend (Deep Throat) so my conspiracy antennae are up, but don’t you think with that lovely comment you made about Dubba fixing the water laws that the man was just waiting to sneak into your house and bug it while you were gone? The truck et al. is an elaborate cover for the video feed they were setting up on your house.

    Wow, for someone who was 3 when Watergate went down, I sure learned some lessons. Maybe too well…

    But really–an unmarked truck!??!

  4. Sammy says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, I’m just not suspicious enough! Our one-block street, hmmm. Our modest leetle house, hmmmmmmm. Unmarked truck with no movie cameras in sight. Yup, I see what you’re saying. Homeland security, right?—and it has nothing to do with stealing watches and jewelry. Hmmmmmmm. So, are these guys working with the ones who stole our car?

  5. Pooh says:

    I’d have asked them. You get all sorts of interesting info that way. For example, the city marked one of our parking strip trees for removal. I wasn’t working the day they came to take it down, so I went out to watch. I mentioned that there was probably a squirrel’s nest in the hollow trunk, as I’d seen a squirrel carrying leaves into the tree the previous winter. They took the side and main branches off, then dropped the tree trunk across the street. They were cutting the trunk into sections w/ a chain saw when a squirrel came shooting out of the trunk, did a screeching U-turn and ran off at full speed into the back yard. Don’t know why it waited so long!
    The guy who’d been up in the cherry picker said he’d had a squirrel run out of a tree and right up and over his helmet and down his back once.