Bookstore foray

As the link mentions, the bookstore is in the former Advance Gloves building….

My bonus for forgetting my passport (which meant I couldn’t travel with JCB to Windsor to do errands, including snagging a case of Tanqueray in a lower proof than available in the US of A for my FIL) was several hours browsing in John King Books, the (almost) original downtown Detroit location. I wandered the first and second floors, skipped the third floor (looked like all fiction), and climbed to the fourth. I had my heavy coat. Ya gotta love a bookstore with limited heating and lights over each aisle that you turn on while you’re there and off when you leave.

I behaved myself and only snagged seven volumes; that’s restraint!

And, no, I didn’t see Jay Leno or Teller in the stacks….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Er, The Commander (who drives to Canada a lot) is sitting here and she says that passports are not yet required if you drive there. Flying is a different matter. The (stupid) gov’t extended the deadline because they (stupidly) did not estimate how much time and hassle it would take to process all those passports.

    The Comm seems to think they are still arguing about the whole thing and predicts that passports may *never* be necessary to drive to Canada.

  2. pooh says:

    But make sure you bring your birth certificate! At least when coming into the county at the Detroit/Windsor crossing. I suspect the twin SSM border stop is always a little friendlier than the DTW one.

    (Unless of course it’s the 70’s and you come across the SSM border in a van and say you’re from Ann Arbor, and look like hippies, but that’s another story.)

  3. Sammy says:

    Against all odds, JCB had the same customs & irritation officer he had last spring when she hassled him up and down for not having a passport (or as you point out, Pooh, birth certificate—“proof of citizenship”)—then let him in. His little gibe at The Establishment was to have an expired passport, which she had to accept (no doubt, see asterisk in law books!)….

  4. kayak woman says:

    Customs is pretty random anywhere you cross. It was rumored that old Ot McNaught sometimes hassled his own high school biology students! For years, after the Canadian customs hassled us about whether our kids were ours (kee-reist!), I was paranoid about the birth certificate thing. But in the last couple years, I have crossed at the SSM border a few times and not even been asked for my driver’s license. In one case, they didn’t even ask what I had to declare. The perks of being an old, tired blonde beach-front property owner (he did ask about that).

  5. kayak woman says:

    Er, meaning “blonde” in terms of stereotypical “middle-aged” female WASP-looking person, i.e., probably not a terrorist, not in terms of hot chick! 😉

  6. martha says:

    Hi Sammy
    A case of tanqueray??? I expect a bottle at my house warming party next august.
    I’m looking for that map of the indian trails of atlanta, the ones that are now roads. I know I have it.

    Let’s update this site.