The sign said “Voting” (with an arrow pointing left) “Go around to back door near fence.”

They left out the part about voting behind the DUMPSTER….

The navigation’s pretty straight-forward, though, compared to what NN goes through to get to her Detroit Film Center (video) class!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I didn’t get the “fat” part of the title until I arrived home after my own “super-Tuesday” and read the newspaper and found out that it was Fat Tuesday. It’s super-Tuesday every week for me because I work all day and then over to WCC to audit Jason’s php class. Yes, I am a wuss but I am not the only one. Anyway, when I got to work this morning there were these food items up for grabs on a lunchroom table that I thought were leftover Barry Bagels from LAST THURSDAY. Therefore, I did not take one. Now I’m thinkin’ that someone probably brought in pacskis (or however you spell ’em) to share. My loss. I’d’ve prob’ly passed anyway on account of having already eaten my Cheerios.