Staff support

From Tuesday….

Does anyone else find it ironic that some of Hillary Clinton’s staff are currently not taking their paychecks, while Romney, leaving the race, will give his staff another two weeks of pay? And especially ironic that Clinton dumped a hunk of cash in her campaign coffer, but apparently not enough to pay her people?

And she’s the Democrat!!

PS Can you imagine more spin than Romney’s reason for leaving the race—to avoid continuing to fracture his party’s supporter’s votes…. He’s gotta be positioning himself for his post-candidate employment/consulting….


  1. kayak woman says:

    I’m usually pretty blase about elections but once we had a school board election I was rather emotional about. I knew absolutely nothing about the campaigning rules surrounding polling places and wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I had my “BOE” (my candidates) button on. Not a good thing.

  2. Pooh says:

    Buttons are easy to ask people to cover up or remove inside the polling place. T-shirts are harder! Fortunately the McCain t-shirted voter who was outside the polling place at 5:30 AM (!!) knew the rules and had taken it off to reveal a VOTE t-shirt when he came into the polling place. He really wanted that #1 voter ticket! I even went out to ask him if he was a poll worker. We’re supposed to tell people wearing t-shirts to remove them or go outside and turn them inside out, but I’d just as soon not have to do that. Especially when Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday are on the same day! Course we didn’t have any beads to reward people for removing their shirts.

  3. Sammy says:

    Ah, the political intricacies of shirt removal! Trickier with t-shirted women, no?