Stormy skies

We watched the layered sky become all grey and dark as the storm came in from the west yesterday. Thankfully, it took the edge off the intense heat that had built up throughout the day. I had to pick up loose newspapers from the neighbors ditch, which had been loosened by the gusty winds (they’re laid in a mosaic-blanket between the rows and held down—when it works—by weeds and strategic bits of soil, and function to hold in moisture and control unwanted vegetation).

Today, however, we’re back in the humid soup that stands in for atmosphere in this part of the world during this season. Still, my stalwart helper and I managed to put in almost two hours this morning adding more newspapers around the tomatoes and between the rows of peas—these are rather intellectual veggies, nourished by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and the odd copy of the State News. Before I quit, I also picked lots of strawberries; someone’s going to be making jam or slicing berries for the freezer next week (not me!).


  1. kayak woman says:

    Yeah! I already told you we were on Holt Road watching that storm from the south.

  2. kayak woman says:

    fergot to say, I was too askeert to get a picture of it, being in a small-ish motorized vee-hickle driven by a mad scientist and all.

  3. GG says:

    S & J,
    A nice BIG tree smashed the house of my niece, near Linden, today (6/8). She has the same insurance company as me. Fix the damage and send the bill…