Dumb dumb dumb


The NBC deciders are utter idiots. The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics are not being carried RIGHT NOW. As. They. Happen. So much for LIVE. And NEWS.

Furthermore, NBC is running a recording of their morning anchors made some other time to be broadcast now. So their current programming is not live either.

In the meantime, CNN and other international media are sure reporting. I mean geeze most anybody in Beijing can go find a huge TV screen and watch. Free. Live. But here, nope.

End of tirade.

Oh, and, PS, no, I won’t be watching the delayed “show” tonight, because it’ll be old news to me by then. You had me, and you lost me. So all you advertisers who paid big bux, too bad.


  1. Robert says:

    Hey Sammy,
    we’ve been camping from the central Oregon desert to the high lakes this past week, canoeing, hiking, fishing and relaxing. Is there something going on in the world we need to know about?

  2. Sammy says:

    Naw, Robert. Selected news topics: no VP selections, Russian planes being fired at over Georgia (the Euro one), no live Olympics hoo-hah on US TV (mentioned above), elsewhere it’s just Friday 08.08.08 and we’re watching for more economic fallout from the home-loan situation.

  3. Jay says:

    I did watch NBC’s non-cable version of the openning.
    Whatever opinions you may have of NBC, China, etc… WOW.
    I was so impressed by the precision – especially the bit that looked like the topographical pin toys. I frequently get bored when they overhype, but these people were amazing.

  4. Sammy says:

    Okay. I admit it; I peeked. And it was amazing! I was mad when NBC cut away to adverts and I couldn’t see the transitions. The fireworks footsteps across the city was pretty amazing, and one thing we could see on TV that the Bird’s-Nest viewers couldn’t.