Marble ensconced


Big day today. Another crew of very experienced craftsmen arrived with all their tools and potions, and the marble, voila!, is installed!

Once again, the front walk became a specialized work area. I can’t count the number of sawhorses that have been set up there over the last weeks.

First they fitted the vanity, then its surround, the top piece for the little knee wall (don’t know what it’s called), and then, the really tricky part, the tub surround.

This picture is at about that stage. You see, at the factory, they did the rough cuts for the tub, and finished the exposed edge, and I don’t know what else. But the on-site crew had to do the final fitting and make the curving cut for the tub.

The gallery photos depict the process in greater detail (with explanatory captions)…. Click on one of the thumbnail pictures below to see it larger, and then you can page through the whole set.

And the reason there’s no pristine final picture: the marble’s now covered with blue plastic to protect it from the next crew of specialists, and I didn’t stop by with the camera in those few moments between finished-installing and finished-finished.

It looks great! I’m so tickled!

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