Indoor hiking


Archive photo, this day, 2004.

John and I are lousy at American-style shopping and consumerism. We went to Ikea, wandered the whole circuitous trek—both floors, and didn’t even buy tea lights.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Ikea usually has a similar effect on me. So much stuff. Do I really need this or that doo-dad? Or, oh heck, I can just get tea lights at Meijer. Etc., etc.

  2. Jay says:

    I have on occassion gotten some great stuff at Ikea – I think both of the kids bedrooms are Ikea (or Dania?). Plus some CD bookshelves, and the dining room hanging lamp, and the living room area rug, a few floor lamps and maybe some bowls. But we don’t buy much all that often. And I usually go through the catalogue and try to decide what I might be interested in before I go. Although I did take Ashlan on a pre-college dorm trip once as well. Right now we are in the don’t buy mode, as much as possible.