Chore day


Gorgeous new-crop cranberry beans from the Hunter-Gatherer and the Puppeteer….

…at least in a lackadaisical way….

Accomplishments: did a load of wash (and it’s also mostly folded and put away), bought simple hardware-store-style towel rack for the inside of the bathroom cabinet door to hang a cloth to dry marble around sink (it’s more sensitive than laminate, we’re told), sorted through miscellaneous boxes that had accumulated beneath the eaves and were revealed in May by the fallen tree and subsequently stashed for going through “later” (which turned out to be today), found and purchased a digital lamp timer for bedroom to replace the old mechanical version that has taken to “grumbling” in a noticeable and annoying way (and even got it properly set—I think), made a quick stop at TJ’s to stock up on odds and ends (our pantry’s still rather empty since our return), and got more moved in to the remade sections of our home….

In sum, it’s a decent start on chores for the week. Also, leftovers for dinner (that bean soup), so that’s easy. BTW, the last Mad Men of the season is tonight, but I usually don’t make it, so we watch it later.

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