Cleaning tip


All this rebuilding since the tree fell has meant an unanticipated learning curve (not a bad thing).

Today, the Glass Shower Door Guys came to adjust the door, which is a big sheet of glass with hinges (and almost invisible plastic? flanges on the bottom and sides to seal against adjacent surfaces when the door is shut) that closes against a fixed pane to make a glass wall. I took advantage of their expertise and found out how they did that. Simple. On the inside of the hinge are screw heads that take a hex/Allen wrench, and they loosened them just a bit, then forced the door to shift slightly to reposition, and retightened them. Yes, it took two people—one on the wrench and one on the door….

I also asked about the “care and feeding” of the glass, and they suggested coating the inside with a repellent product for windshields (e.g., Rain-X), to help keep soap scum, etc., at bay.

Something else for the hardware store list…. And don’t get me started on the ugly and disfunctional soap dishes out there. We may end up using a (plastic to avoid breakage) rectangular sushi soy sauce dish….

Now, to track down the Tile Guy and ask if it’d also work on tile, since, after all, high-fired tile is glazed, and the glaze, once fired, is essentially glass.

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