Note artwork*


I conclude that this is an agnostic christmas tree. Not even Saint Nick came to visit. Just us. And very modestly, at that.

Merry. Happy. Nothing. Whatever.

* An lovely original charcoal (I think) by our niece takes pride of place on the chimney….


  1. Jay says:

    Our tree looks very similar, until Christmas morning. And while this year was much trimmer than many previous years, the kids were still pleased. We had a tradition evolve that meant no presents under the tree until they awoke on Christmas morning. This actually started so they, or the other kids Carl has cared for, wouldn’t open packages early. Then after awhile they would get very upset if presents arrived early. Even last night Ashlan yelled at me when I placed a card on the tree before they went to bed.

  2. Janet Van Fleet says:

    Yes, very good charcoal drawing, but more, more, more. Look at that blank wall behind the tree! And I’ll bet there are others ALL OVER THE HOUSE that are begging for paintings, collages, relief sculptures, etchings, children’s crayon drawings, doghair weavings, and other hanging things. Not to mention things that could sit on pedestals, tabletops, and the mantelpiece. Janet’s New Year Wish: Create Green Jobs! Make more art! Buy more Art! (Full disclosure: I have a material interest in the position I am advocating.)
    Ho, ho, ho. Happy New Year!