Freeze warning


Here’s my hypothesis: when indoor plumbing came to the Sunny South, it was such an add-on, and most houses were built on pilings to frustrate termites, that many people just opted to endure freezing weather by the plumbing version of brute force—keep the pipes open by keeping the water flowing….

As a result, even at nice apartment complexes, this is the sign that greets you at the gate when the temps drop. The swimming pool is still full at this place, too….

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  1. Janet Van Fleet says:

    Haven’t checked into your blog lately, so am catching up.Here in Vermont, even though the pipes are buried 6 feet underground, people still sometimes need to keep the faucets dripping for the same purpose. Sometimes you see wonderful ice sculptures that are created by leaving an outside hose or faucet dripping, which makes ice stalactites. I’ve seen them over ten feet tall! In the building next door to my studio there’s a heat vent (Why? Don’t know…) on the side of the building that must make condensation because there’s a big blob of ice beneath it, hunkering on a window sill like a nest.