Over-the-shoulder smirk from 43 as he exits the inauguration ceremony yesterday…. By the way, that photographer with the white hair on the left spoiled quite a few shots.

George F. Will, who writes a column called “The Last Word” for Newsweek, is not one of my favorite pundits. However, in his column for this week’s issue, titled “43, For a Final Time,” he says about our latest former President:


By grafting a prescription-drug entitlement on to Medicare, just as the demographic deluge of the baby boomers’ retirements was beginning, the president expanded the welfare state more than any president since Lyndon Johnson created Medicare in 1965. By signing every grotesque spending measure that arrived on his desk with the support of a majority of congressional Republicans…the president committed his party to a situational ethic of governance that amounts to no ethic at all. By signing the McCain-Feingold speech-rationing (aka “campaign reform”) legislation, the president violated his oath to defend the Constitution. …

And Will goes on. I would have added several things to this list, but this is a fine place to start if an honest assessment is your goal.

This is so far from being The Uniter, an advocate of the opposite of Big Government, and the law-abiding “good person” 43 is certain he is….

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