Reflections (the snowblanket kind)


This was sunset yesterday, with the sky uplit from reflections off the blanket of snow on the ground. I’d forgotten how much reflection all that fresh-white can make.

Tonight, just about the only snow left is 1) in the shade (deep shade), or 2) on the grass where there was no sunshine this afternoon.

So, the sunset sky today? Oh, pretty much the same-ol’ same-ol’ and not particularly interesting….


  1. kayak woman says:

    A good covering of snow really does light the night up.

  2. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Wow, we heard there was snow in Atlanta, but we couldn’t believe it until we finally checked Sammy’s website! We were in Yuma, AZ in 90 degree, sweltering, blazing sunny heat. Today we’re on the banks of the Colorado river north of Yuma and had a wonderful cloudy day! Time to start moving north!