GM’s strategy


Today’s email brought inside information about reorganization and finances at General Motors. The report is that employees are being sent out to collect refundable containers from the ditches and roadsides across the USA—this apparently is thought to be more productive and to have fewer strings than the Federal bailout.

Or so I heard….


  1. kayak woman says:

    er, is some forward going around?

    I had a weird little moment at our usability conference this week where I said something mildly disparaging about GM, then looked at Twitter (there was a conference stream going on) and realized that in the *next* room, a GM person was on the panel discussion…

    I’ll have to figger if I can expand it into a blog. If it doesn’t get away from me…

  2. Pooh says:

    They can pick up the cans and bottles from the roadways in Missouri, and ship them to Detroit to get the Michigan 5 or 10 cents deposit. Our local (well, formerly local, now Belgian) industry giant is Anhauser-Busch (InBev), so we’ve never had a bottle bill state-wide.