Almost stereoscopy


So, the other week I was looking at topos of way down in Decatur County, in south Georgia, and I saw this stunningly round, distinct, and dramatic landform. I finally got around to checking it out on GoogleEarth, and it seems even more interesting than it looked on the map. Next time I’m down that way….

Not sure what it is, but I’d start with Carolina bays; they are rounder rather than oval in these parts and this landform is sure round!

More on stereoviewing….


  1. Jay says:

    Interesting – almost perfect shape. We have some Stereo viewers at work and a series of aerial photos from the mid 80’s to use with them. Used at one time for gross sewer layout, and maybe for water too. I can’t use them (amblyopia caught to late). I always thought those viewer clicker things that people had with cartoons or photos of interesting places were just a way to look at magnified pictures. I never understood the 3D thing was what made them so popular.

  2. Rey says:

    Hi Sam,

    This is Jay’s son Rey. I just thought I’d tell you when my roommates and I are going to be in Atlanta. We’re planning on driving down the morning of Sunday the 17th, attending the Braves game that day and then driving home in order to work the next day. Ashlan and Dad will probably be down there on the 11th of August.