Disassembling on Sunday


I joked last week that the viewing zone in front of the stage would be “Hot, Flat and Crowded.”

Instead, a weather system came through about 9:15 pm, and they became Woodstock wet.

The AJC puts the crowd at 40K (fund-raiser for Piedmont Park), and Sir Paul started playing about 8:40 pm, and people stayed through the downpour. Apparently Sir Paul played for two-and-a-half hours….

Me: asleep shortly after 9:30 (if we’d been awake, we’d have wandered toward the stage to hear the sound from a nearby sidewalk, I think). This picture is from 7:43 am this morning; take-down crews must have begun working right after the crowds cleared.

Huh? Macca = McCartney….

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