Radio Man prevails


Radio Man demonstrates victory over technology!

The Explorer (now officially classified by the US Govt as a Clunker—ugh!) is now outfitted with a lovely after-market radio with hi-def AM and FM, two different iPod jacks, including one that powers the iPod, or can accept other devices. I think the only part of the New Instrument’s controls I understand is how to change the color of the display—there’re 31 flavors, uh, shades.


  1. Manette says:

    According to the program handed out for the wedding, Radio Man is also known as a “Music specialist”. Very impressive.

  2. kayak woman says:

    So you are driving the truck this time? I admit to having mixed feelings about the clunker program after learning that some vee-hickles qualify that I wouldn’t have expected to (maybe your truck does though and I am not here to dispute qualifications). What I can’t quite get my poor little blonde brain around is that I know that this is “stimulus” money but I can’t help thinking that, if I can afford a new vehicle on my own (and I/we usually I can), I should be paying for it on my own. Maybe my ’01 Honda Accord EXV6 with 131K on it qualifies? Dunno. But hopefully it’ll continue to get me to work and up north w/ kayaks for another couple of years…

    Man oh man, shaddup, KW, and go to bed!!!

  3. kayak woman says:

    BTW: *love* that photo of the field…