Precipitation saga


So, I set off for a solo walk, yes, to the usual destination: Piedmont Park and the active oval. I figure the active oval is better than pavement, better on the legs, ankles, feet, and knees. Hips, too.

So, I made the bend and was looking south, and for the first time realized that the sky was a looming grey—an unbroken cloud sitting down over midtown and downtown.


So, I made a head’s-up call to The Guru, alerting him that I wasn’t sure of the weather. Hmm, he said, checking the radar.

I made a second circuit, and dialed again (no dialing, actually, only “touching”)….

“Help,” I said. I’m paraphrasing.

Our timing was good. I only caught a few sprinkles before I settled into the dry car.

I confess, this happened yesterday. In the picture you see the accumulated rainfall, because the ground is saturated. This does not bode well.

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