Owl’s classy digs


Most of the time we were at Casa Grande today, we were thinking about ancient times, when Hohokam farmers kept irrigated fields between and around their mounds and houses, out in the flats near Coolidge, Arizona—not quite so near to the modern town of Casa Grande. One of those quirks….

Anyway, people go to the Casa Grande ruins to see the ruins, and we did, especially the big ruin protected from the rain by a big FL Olmsted-designed roof. We also spent time gazing up at this Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus), denizen of the roof, keeper of the ruins, and demographic controller of the immediate area (for selected species).

Tidbit from USPS website: “Did You Know? Casa Grande Ruins National Monument was the first cultural and prehistoric site to be protected by the United States government. It was set aside in 1892 by President Benjamin Harrison.

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