Expect the unexpected


Tromp. Tromp. We were headed back out on the Catwalk trail near Glenwood, New Mexico, backtracking toward the parking lot after traipsing over two miles (up, at elevation, a considerable undertaking for flatlanders), when JCB spotted a family group of bighorn sheep spying on us from above.

I admit to occasional jealousy of the Marquis‘ close-ups of wild things—mostly birds—but today I think I scored a big one. These are wild bighorns, and we while we watched them the one that’s lower down on the rock face (a female with a radio collar) kept walking around and dislodging small stones that fell down on the trail in front of us!

One comment

  1. Marquis says:

    I agree …

    … but it has been 27 years since I have had you access to our country.

    You’ve heard of red states and blue states. I’m in a green state of mind.

    But don’t you know, I would have PhotoShopped the center left one a bit. 😉