Progress report


Tree up, decorated.

Laundry, caught up.

Bread cubes (for dressing), dry.

House cleaning, begun. (Let’s face it, it’s never finished.)

Big dinner menu, ready (enough).

Package mailing, accomplished.

Gifts, needs work.

Wrapping, hah, hardly begun (see above).

Best so far: JCB and I sat quietly with the tree last evening, in the dim light, smelling the pineyness, sipping ’tinis. Life is good.

Bonus for you: no comments on legislative doin’s.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Tree up, decorated.

    Laundry, caught up but it’s always pretty much caught up.

    What bread cubes? 😉


    Big dinner menu. Not yet.

    Packing mailing? Done! Yay for the post office uscan!

    Gifts? Getting there.

    Wrapping? Getting there.

    Your house looks fantastic! Mine? Not so much.

  2. Sammy says:

    Your place has the famous Caribou Rack, however. That’s like a jillion points right there!

  3. Jay says:

    Tree up, decorated
    Laundry ??? I’ll ask the laundress
    Menu, dinner – that will get figured out Thursday
    Packing, mailing – done a week ago
    Gifts – out of money, have to stop
    Wrapping – done
    Picking up kid one in 3.5 hours
    Picking up kid two in ~15 hours
    Then the holiday can begin