Football…to…complex systems


Sunny. Cold. Still, we snuck out for a walk in the mid-day sunshine.

I couldn’t tell if this was intentional, in the sense of making a statement, or to merely keep the football from rolling away….

Perhaps the more important question is: does it make any difference?

Leaving that aside, this cold, because of the looping jet stream, gives just too much darned ammunition to the simplistic types: how can there be Global Warming when we’re having an extended cold snap?

The answer: “complex systems.” Systems in that changes in one part affect other parts. Always. And sometimes in ways that are difficult to predict using models that have a simplified variable list (the complex part).

But you know that!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Right on! And there’s also that whole thing about how many years accurate and complete world-wide weather records have been kept.