Party stash?


We first spotted this critter starting to cross the path in front of us. S/he looked at our feet and apparently rethought that plan, and reversed to climb this not-particularly-large tree.

The exceptional element to this story is just to the left of the squirrel in this photo, and a bit down.

That funny beige thing is a crustless piece of bread that the squirrel had in his/her mouth from when we first spotted her/him, and decided to stash where you see it while s/he descended.

I guess s/he wasn’t worried about crows or other airborne marauders.

This was yesterday, I admit. I was overcome by laziness* today and stayed indoors where it is warm (awakened to 17.3°F temp outdoors)—brrr.

* There has been some discussion around here about whether this should be considered as true laziness. I say yes. Comment?

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    Mouse and I watched a squirrel pick up a sizable piece of tin foil and climb up to a second floor balcony with it.

    As to laziness, well, being from the frozen north, I would have to agree with you. 17 *below* might keep me inside (-;