White and black (snow and beans)


Flurries by late this afternoon. White stuff accumulating on the car roof, sidewalk now. Road, thankfully, is just wet. Let’s hope it doesn’t freeze.

Thinking ahead, about 2:30 I visited the market and stocked up for Oaxacan-themed meals, enough for all weekend. I should have gotten a bunch of huazontle, but was focused on epazote*, and forgot…. Lightly battered and fried, the huazontle buds are wonderful.

The epazote? That goes in the black beans—and quesadillas—to make them taste just like they do in Oaxaca.

Oh, and watched Julie and Julia and quite enjoyed it; good think I was full of Mexican food or I might have developed a craving for some French food….

* Epazote has carminative properties, according to WikiPee, meaning it helps, ahem, the human digestive system…do things, ahem, more productively, ahem, in a quiet and proper way (I think).

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  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    I only liked the Julia part of Julie & Julia. I wish the whole movie had been that, and only Meryl Streep.

    And I owe you a long email–it’s coming. Snow days and Billy in Philly means I’m homebound with G.