Malling, tentatively


A neighborhood roofline with its nurse-tree….

Every once in a while we act like suburbanites, for an hour or so.

Today we did. That is, we went to the mall.

Actually, we drove around the mall to go to Fry’s, one of a chain of the largest electronics stores I’ve ever seen (and which also sells snacks and fridges).

Oh, what did we buy? Storage and management technology—that is three terabytes on two drives, one with a case and a naked one, plus a rechargeable battery charger and a little digital memory card reader (twenty-three kinds of cards!).

Yes, I believe we created a little bit of Christmas in January!


  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Considering your history with over-looming trees, I would think you might view the tree in the picture as more ominous than nursing (or nurturing).

  2. Sammy says:

    Yeah, sometimes you can get more out my blog entries if you (slyly) know my backstory…. A line of storms is just hitting ATL as I type. Rrrrr.