Five-point-four and RDC and GNDN


Technology blipped in and out of our consciousness today.

This was the earliest appearance, what The Botanist calls the Optimistic Thermometer, because The Guru installed it in a south window, and it would return figures far exceeding the actual air temps because it was basking in a wee bit of solar gain. Now, however, the instrument is installed in a shady east window, so its optimism is entirely muted.

As to the title, RDC is explained here…. I’m sure there are plenty of other remote data concentrators out there, but I am referring to the one that was in Ann Arbor (or nearby) some time back, in a location commonly referred to as the snake pit. (Which should be enough to get you to click on the link if you haven’t already!)

And, GNDN, you may ask? Click here if you don’t know…then muck around in your basement or somewhere and find an appropriate place to label thusly….

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