Sapelo is spectacular!


We spent the day out on the western side of Sapelo Island. A big part of the story is the catamaran* ferry that we took out and back. The only other time I visited Sapelo, over a decade ago, we took a much slower boat, which meant we spent a long time crouching behind the pilot area out of the wind as much as possible, but still with a view. After all, it’s not every day you get to ride through the salt marshes behind a barrier island.

This is the ferry coming in to pick us up in the morning, when it was overcast. By the time we began our island tour (thank you, Ray!), almost an hour later, the sun was out, and by mid-afternoon, all the clouds departed.

Some of this will be detailed elsewhere over the next few months.

* I had no idea “catamaran” is from the Tamil word kaṭṭumaram. The Tamil are native to Sri Lanka and southeast India. That’s a long ways away!

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