Lumix lapse


Sometime between yesterday and the day before, the Lumix took ill. No damage-inducing activity. No excess cold. It was just sitting on a shelf.

I’m sure the manufacturer would never believe us, though.

The Guru checked the internet, and other people report similar event-free damage.

Perhaps still amped up from replacing the hard drive in my Mac last year, I think he’s pondering fixing this, based on info he found, yes, on the internet.

Yes, the camera takes pictures just fine. The playback’s what’s compromised (the screen).

Pretty isn’t it?


  1. kayak woman says:

    It almost looks like a loom.

  2. Pooh says:

    The purple blobby bit looks sort of like the laptops at the high school where the screen has cracked. This apparently was a common problem when students jammed the laptop into their book bag, instead of using the laptop case that was issued with the laptop, and specifically designed to protect said laptop. However, I suspect that you and JCB are taking more care of your Lumix.