Gyōza experimentation


We never decided whether we were making gyōzas or wontons. We used a Chinese cookbook as a guide to making these delicious dumplings, but thought in terms of gyōzas.

We learned some good lessons from this first attempt. We preferred the round over the square dough shapes. It’s difficult to convince yourself what a small amount of filling is necessary to fill them. We had sticking problems in the steamers; maybe we should boil them next time? Or fry-steam a few, and call them potstickers!

I also figure that we could easily use raw meat in the fillings and expect them to be fully cooked when the dough is ready. This time we cooked ahead of wrapper-loading just to be sure….

Great fun! And tasty!

We used lots of grated ginger, and that made the dumplings taste far fresher than frozen ones.

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