In motion


Late mid-morning, the Guru said (something to the effect of), “Wanna walk over to the Bot Garden?”

I was tickled! Since we’ve been there last, they’ve opened the canopy walk, which is just that, a sidewalk in the air (forthcoming pictures, I expect). Another revamped part of the garden features this new cascade. Love the stop motion from the fancy-cam! Hard to believe that I’m standing a mere two hundred feet from Piedmont Avenue.

The Google Earth satellite picture is current enough to show this new architectural wonder! (Although without water.) And you can see the canopy walk arcing through the trees—it’s the gray question mark shape.

We stopped for a late lunch on the way home, and got over eight miles, to use the Marquis’s phrasing.

I have two enticing pictures from today’s excursion that I think are good candidates for my home page. I picked the one that you have to study to be sure of the scale.

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