Weather watch: rain cells


We came down US127 through much of Ohio, and passed through the bottom of a goodly storm cell. We drove through hard rain for maybe fifteen minutes—that would be fifteen LONG minutes. Lesser rain lasted for, maybe another forty minutes. The rain in this cell came down so hard that it was standing in the fields, making the corn little green sprigs in a flowing lake. (I don’t know if this was the tag end of the Texas/Arkansas storm.)

The other notable cell we passed beneath was this one, in Kentucky. We were a bit buffeted by the wind by this one, whereas during the Ohio one we just noticed downdrafts, but not lateral winds.

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  1. Sammy's second cousin says:

    Earlier this week I was on a genealogical field trip, and on Thursday evening I drove on a short stretch of U.S. Route 127 from Ohio State Route 126 to the entrance ramp for Interstate 275. The next day I drove across southern Ohio and crossed the river into Point Pleasant, West Virginia over the replacement for the bridge that had collapsed on December 15, 1967. For me the weather was good both days. The only bad weather I had encountered was in the Detroit area on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, but it was nothing that Dr. Kearns’ wonderful invention couldn’t handle.