Side yard visit


First, you see the poke salad*—of course, it’s in the center of the image!

This is the progeny (I think, or did it grow from the same root, meaning it’s the same plant and poke is a perennial, at least in this climate—ah, the boundless wonder of a run-on parenthetical remark) of last year’s monster (which certainly produced a full crop of berries, and thus progeny).

Then, you may notice the stump remains at the foot of the pokeweed. I certainly do!

The stump garden is lush this year, and the hostas are in bloom. I saw a bumblebee touring the blossoms from the kitchen before I grabbed the camera.

D’s garden is filling in elsewhere at the foot of the poke salad, with numerous blooms you can’t see in the photo.

But what I’m guessing really strikes your eye is the superstructure** around the poke plant. An engineering marvel! On the short list for best handmade architectural wonder in a tri-state area!

So, does this count as composing a long blog entry like KW usually posts?

Poke salad has many other names; the scientific one is Phytolacca americana. The “lacca” part refers to the dark berries, which can be used as a dye.

** Last year’s specimen succumbed to gravity, one branch anyway, when aggravated by a heavy rainfall.


  1. kayak woman says:

    haha! Blahgging adventures.The GG has complained that my entries are too long. The GG has complained when I have written a short entry. The GG has complained when he can’t understand an entry because it’s too vague, cryptic, confusing or whatever. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Blahg on and and if somebody complains, tell ’em t’ git their own dern blahg!! (-;

  2. kayak woman says:

    P.S. I do remember the pokeweed story!