Upgrading the garden


If you call it an upgrade to go from the general towards the specific, I upgraded some vegetation today from plants to weeds.

And pulled them.

So, the ’mater plants are freed from a few non-’maters.

I also pruned some over-agressive ivy. Or maybe it’s just normal ivy. Needing a trim.

I did this shortly after it got light enough to do so in the morning. I called it quits and came in, with a sheen of sweat (ahem, glow, if you go by the distinctions here: horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow) on more than my brow, and checked the clock. It said 7:16.

Which brings us to the picture.

This insulated mug is my constant companion most days, but especially during these 90°F-plus days. I only put water in it….

I paid a premium for the mug, which I rarely do (unless I’m buying shoes, I guess). It’s from Sawbux (a story for another time), and it performs. I can put water and several cubes in it, close the lid, and leave it on the counter overnight—and it will still have cubes in the morning!

So, having re-entered the AC, I grabbed my prepped mug, and gulped.

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