Tough luck is sometimes no luck


These are the days, my friend…when critters are eating other critters and critters are eating plants and plants are doing their thing, and some living things aren’t getting their sustenance. The cycle of life is a trade-off.

Spider on left and stink bug or shield bug (something) on the right…just outside the window….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I’ve been thinking about this cycle-of-life stuff a lot. Yesterday morning, I heard this clackety-clackety noise on the sidewalk and realized that I had interrupted a robin’s attempt to snag some big beetle-y sort of bug (I called it a cricket on Twitter but think it might have been a beetle). I know that robins have to eat but I was still a bit bugged by it. Not sure why. (Er, didn’t really intend to be punny — “bugged” — but what the heck.)