And…enjoy The View


I rarely watch daytime television for long, but today I caught the whole The-President-and-Five-Women interview, which was shot yesterday.

Barbara was the serious newswoman, fondling her note-cards.

EH took the strident-FOXy role. (Big surprise, right?)

Sherri was star-struck, yet cogent.

Joy got us laughing (so did the Pres!).

Whoopi nailed a thoughtful question totally from memory. (See, Barbara, this isn’t 20/20.)

I didn’t know about the Obama family tradition of the roses/thorns model for reconnecting with loved ones. In short, you think back over your day and designate a particularly good thing that happened as a rose, and a not-so-good-moment as a thorn. This, then, structures the beginning of the conversation over which the family reconnects.*

Nice idea.

* Can I write that any more awkwardly?


  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Since we don’t have a TV I’m not familiar with the show but from the picture I notice that Whoopi is the only one in comfortable looking clothes! And what’s with the spike heel shoes?

  2. Sammy says:

    Yeah, those high heels are just the thing in NYC—gives the physical rehab people LOTS of work!