Spectacular prices


I need a new pair of glasses. I have my prescription, but am daunted by the next step.

The Guru talked me into checking out an upscale glasses place late last week, where I discovered the inexpensive rack advertised frames for $139.

I did find a lovely frame on a rack hidden in the back, and asked the price. Roughly $325. Well.

Since I was at it, I asked about lenses. Lenses are more than glass. There’s the scratch-resistant surface treatment; that can be pricey. Or less so. There’s the transition lenses I need. That’s just an additional hundred. Just.

So, final price for these glasses on my face? Something like $700.

Not this shopper.

Guess I’ll be headed to one of those discount places advertising two pair for $69—with an eye exam!


  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    So 9 years ago almost I bought my most expensive pair at a fancy good store with excellent customer service-$500. I did have a bonus which covered it all, but I decided that since I wear them every day, they were worth the investment. I’ve never regretted it, still wear this pair, get lots of compliments, esp. from “eye” people, and only had to have the lenses replaced a few years back b/c the Rx changed. I figure 360-odd wearings/year for almost 10 years, I got a good investment. The only thing I wouldn’t do again is get the night glare reduction. It scratched off and looked awful and didn’t really work. Just my experience…

  2. Leslie says:

    Costco. Got my fancy designer glasses (both sets) there. My Ray•Bans, however, are from Brooks Brothers, but they aren’t prescription. Costco does do sunglasses too.

    I have Transitions on my long distance set of lenses and although it helps, they get no where near as dark as I need here in SoCal. If you want sunglasses, get the real deal.