From the last twenty-four hours….

Forty US billionaires pledge half their fortunes to charity. (ME: Or they could lower prices. Better: AND….)

Meanwhile Chinese and Shanghi dollar millionaires seek to emigrate. (Often not to the USofA.)

Michelle Obama takes daughter Sasha to Spain, while the President is doing business in the Midwest. And Michelle will make an official visit to the King of Spain, too.

Kagan is confirmed. Yea!

Wyclef Jean announces plans to run for President of Haiti. He sees it as a calling. (Maybe not the best angle….)

That run-amok well is plugged. Ahem, static killed…jammed with mud. Now they’re squeezing it. That’s the terminology.

Russia’s crippling drought has brought about forest fires, now smoking Moscow. (Where the air was not-so-good before the fires.)

ME: The last two have crapped on our global carbon balance. The plugging and jamming take it in the right direction.

A Federal judge strikes down California ban on gay marriage;  the ruling is officially being appealed (both in less than 24 hours).

So all that and more (no mention of Whoopi kerfuffle or Naomi testimony, you notice) is going on; me, I’m reading about Sicily and organized crime and the Mafia in the US, including Detroit. Then, to cap it off, I notice there’s a new movie “The Sicilian Girl” I should perhaps check out….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I heard that oil well stuff over and over on NPR yesterday. I couldn’t understand any of it. Picture needed!