Iron bicycle detail


As a kid, I was a bicycle rider. I still remember my dad repeatedly running down the driveway with me (downslope) holding the back of my seat to keep me upright until I learned to balance and ride alone. No training wheels at our household!

Somewhat later, we combed the nearby roads searching the ditches for returnable bottles, since we had no other income sources. These were organized expeditions, requiring care in wrangling the bottles once you picked them up, so they didn’t rattle together and break.

I also rode in college, when I couldn’t walk to class, but just around campus. (No money for a bus pass.)

Sometime after that, I quit riding. I think whenever I was on for a while, my tail hurt, so I moved on. I understand there are fancy ergo-dyamical seats nowdays, and probably other improvements that make riding far more comfortable than the ride my ca. 1968 Raleigh three-speed offered.

Anyway, here’s a door decoration on the door of a nearby bike shop. Also, visit the Marquis’s RegenAxe to read a real (bi)cyclist’s blog (and bird and flower pictures, and more!)….

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