Park changes


This view of the Piedmont Park dog run from the Park Drive bridge is from two days ago, and I could see today that they’re working in this area. The open hillside in the left distance now has trees planted on it. Note that the RR track in the far right has been pulled up. The grade is to be replaced with the new BeltLine trolley/train.

There are special areas for small dogs in the far distance and behind me south of the bridge I’m standing on.

I’m glad to see the heavy use of the dog run. I’m sad (okay, annoyed) to see that many people seem to think that leash laws don’t apply to them in other parks—even ones a ten-minute walk away.

The building you can see has a handy drinking fountain.

Between the building and the hillside is what I think is a marshy area, or will be a marshy area (it’s pretty dry now). Nice benches border this wetlands feature. I will keep an eye on what happens here….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Dogs and their untrained owners are one of my hot-button issues. I am NOT afraid of dogs but I HATE when some numbskull’s dog runs all the way up to me and JUMPS on me before the numbskull [insipidly] yells, “off” or “oh, he’s just friendly” or some such rot. Why so many [self-absorbed] people think it is okay for their loverly aminal to harass people out for a walk, I will never know. Keep yer dern dawg offa me!

    Thanks for letting me rant! 🙂

    P.S. Interested in the “new” wetland.

  2. Sammy says:

    Come visit & we can explore the wetland together! (I wish….)