In which: the author gets carried away


So, the front yard, that would be the garden, zapped.


This is the back yard. U-hem. Garden.

Now decorated with leaves. Leaves from the happy-trees, now freed from their oppressor, the mighty oak that fell. On the house. You remember.

The tomatoes here, in the photo, the Guru’s experiment, suffered all summer from not enough sunlight, but, now, as temperatures, drop, they have (so far) escaped the Seasonal Death (so far).

Just to keep up….

On this day when the Prince & the Middleton’s engagement was made public, I was off to the mall (which turned out to be TWO malls) looking for a modest wedding present….

…to send overseas.

Not the easiest assignment, royal announcements notwithstanding. (To the curious, the wedding present is destined for non-royals, in Germany…. My circle does NOT extend to Buckingham Palace….)

Anyway, I got through the hyperventilation of being in the mall(s)—two because the first one didn’t have humdrum objects like I was looking for (sorry Tiffany), so I went to the more plebian mall right next door…but took the wrong exit from the parking garage, so had to go around the block, which may have taken fifteen minutes.

I just want to get it on record that the fancy mall had walkers, that is strolling shoppers, enough so the place didn’t look empty, but I didn’t see shoppers with bag-bundles. The less-fancy place also had shoppers, and these sometimes carried purchases. Another contrast. The first place had lots of marble floor showing, aisles with no displays or racks of STUFF. The second place had more floor covered with items…not sure exactly how to dissect that…but if the fancy places aren’t boosting their stock, then how are they going to make the rent? (Not a good sign for Phipps, I think….)


Exiting the mall, and having recovered near-normal breathing, I happened upon another excitement offered by the mall, or the mall-surrounds, the fender-bender. Except this one was more like bumper-car with Lexi (is that the plural?).

I cleverly steered around the locked-together vehicles and around the paramedic vehicles and headed home.

Deep breath.

And thinking, in a nutshell, that’s why I avoid the malls* as much as possible.

* I think the last one I visited was some kinda drive-by with Kayak Woman? Something in A-squared…. Maybe we only got as far as the parking lot? No, I think we did a hit-and-run on the Apple store…. ??

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  1. kayak woman says:

    It was indeed a drive-by to the Apple Store. After lunch at the Red Hawk, from which you absconded with a partial bottle of whine under your coat!!