Pondering pecan pie improvements


I got daring over Xmas and made a pecan pie—daring because this is a major pecan state, and pecan pie is one of the specialties of Southern cooks. However, I upped the volume of pecans over the standard recipes, and added a splurp (a Guru word) of vanilla.

I think that’s the tack to take, and next time I’ll add a bit more of the pecans to make the pie even nuttier.

Using all pecan halves, I discovered, makes the pie difficult to cut, so I suppose I could separate the sugar-corn syrup glop (and it is gloppy!) into two portions, one-third and two-thirds, and put somewhat chopped pecans into the larger portion and whole ones into the smaller portion, then add the chopped into the bottom of the crust, and put the nice, whole nuts on top. That would help with the cutting.

So, when to try this?

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