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GA capitol dome Mem Drive

Georgia’s capitol dome rises above a now-abandoned above-ground human hamster-tube/habitrail/hobbit-trail.

That’s the Georgia dome—the one covered in gold and not the one that hosts athletic events.

I always look at data in Wikipedia with a suspicious eye, so this may be in error, but the WikiPee “says” that by the end of 2009, humans had mined 165,000 tonnes* of gold. As of the end of June 2009, the IMF held 3217 tonnes or just under 2% of the estimated total.

Just to continue with scattered information: the WSJ is reporting that there’s a new iPad on the way that will have more, more, more (capabilities), and weigh less and be thinner—plus have at least one camera.

* A tonne is a thousand kilograms, or about 2200 pounds, which is about one long ton, commonly called a ton.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I guess the iPad probably needs a camera but I wonder how wieldy (is that a word?) it’ll be. Also, wiki-pee in my experience, can at least serve as a jumping off point for other references.