Flowers and chocolates 4U

Petals for sale
Chocolates sugar coated radical val day

Let’s see. First, Happy Valentine’s Day!

…although which Valetinius was meant to be honored—there were at least fourteen martyred saints of Rome with that name—remains a mystery….

So, bits.

The top photo: recycling at its best, this time from the flower shop. Pick up the petals that fall off the roses while they’re being packaged and otherwise handled, and box ’em up. Then, sell them—six bucks a box, and a modest box at that…. Some of these were a tad brown around the edges….

The vertical photo: we stopped for the first time (seemed like the right day for it!) at Sugar-Coated Radical—an unfancy shop with very nice chocolates—and selected some goodies. I can hardly wait until sundown to taste them!

And, I wanted to note, for the first time in almost/about six years, there’s no Grumbles* in the Sunday Paper. The Sunday Paper (a free weekly here in ATL) went defunct, and, pfft, no publication of Grumbles. I’m proud of my brother-in-law for his long-running weekly strip…. Check out more of his comics are here.

* No saint, no Grumbles…I don’t think there’s a connection….

Today is just an ellipses day….


  1. kayak woman says:

    I was really puzzled as to what those things in the plastic cases were. I wonder if any of those are selling and, if so, how do the recipients feel about them? But then, I’m not a big fan of cut flowers either. Pretty but wasteful and then you have to throw them out. Usually when their way past their prime, around these parts anyway.

  2. Sammy says:

    Too many movies and magazine photo shoots have scattered petals about for there not to be folks out there who want a petal-scatter in their own lives. I agree: wasteful. A tour guide we had in Tanzania summed up the flower business there: that’s how we export our water to Europe. Nailed it!