I’m guessing…

Bleeding hearts plant variety

These bleeding hearts (Dicentra spp.)not suffering from the breezes emanating from Washington….

Japanquake com map CU

Sobering visual: the quake pattern around Japan in collapsed real time, plotted on a Google satellite map. Of course, this isn’t the whole area where the quakes have come, but this website says nearly 600 quakes (something like magnitude 4 and above) in the last 7 days around Japan. That fault, well, it’s moving!

Highlight of the day: luncheon at the BotGarden with Terry—we laughed a lot! And, she introduced me to MetroFresh owner Mitchell! Cruising!

Then, I dropped T off and headed home, finding the day’s mail on the Uncle Bob table….

What are the odds? For international travel, the Guru found a credit card that doesn’t charge additional for charges in foreign currency. So, following some strategy that is over my head, he had me apply, and, thankfully, it arrived today. So I called the activation number and the nice-voiced woman asked cheerily—and not at all mechanically—how I was, and I said, fine, the sun is shining, and I’m doing pretty well. Then, I took a flyer and said something to the effect that I guessed she was in…Idaho?…and maybe it was still wintery there? She cracked up—you’re a great guesser, she said—I’m about two hours south of Coeur d’Alene!!!

You’d think that’d send me right out to the nearest convenience store to buy a few lottery tickets!

On the new credit card!


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  1. Jay says:

    What credit card? The 3 percent on our card has made math olympics out of paying tuition. (The Bank of Montreal lets US funds chill for 30 days before they are usable.)