Blond but not bland

Blond French food on AirFrance

If you watch much of the Food Network, ya gotta expect to swoon over French food; and, indeed I wondered what AirFrance would serve us.

Turns out it was all beige food, way short on green vegetables. In the lower right, a cold tuna-rice salad with a few black olives and cubes of pickled pepper for color (the appetizer), in the middle a roll and Tillamook cheese (mozzarella), in the lower left the entree—salmon bits with buttery mashed potatoes (parmentier, they called it; WikiPee says it’s named for Antoine-Augustin Parmentier [1737–1813], an agronomist who fancied, and promoted, potatoes)—yummy, but short on nutrition. Rounding out the beige French meal, rice pudding in the upper right—made with whole milk so you know it’s tastee!, and cranberry orange yellow cake, upper left, to finish! Bracketing the meal: white wine and water.

UPDATE from the next day: Interestingly, the meal we got on the next flight, a light lunch, was positively impressive. A teeny pancake with some yummy veggies on top, crowned by a teensy scallop, pate on a square of whole-wheat bread, camembert cheese and a whole grain mini-baguette, a barley/raisin concoction that was yummy and foreign, and a mini custard tart. Still no raw veg, and short on veg in general, but not blond and truly yummy.

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