Noto, briefly noted

Noto balcony in angle light

I wanted to show you that we haven’t been spending all our time in rural areas (yes, still human-managed landscapes in this long-occupied region), but that we also spent time with still-occupied connurbations, or specimens from the built environment.

This balcony in Noto (known for its distinctive Sicilian Baroque architecture), is on a residential building between, I think, the city’s two major churches, although I well may be wrong.

Noto was destroyed or at least ruined greatly by the 1693 quake, and residents rebuilt the city downslope a bit, using this distinctive stone from just uphill (or are we seeing stucco over stone? I am still not sure). And the faded green of the shutters…wow!

Still, see? We can do urban!

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  1. Pooh says:

    Great picture, with the shadows making it just that much more baroque.