Figure out your “B”s


B&Bs have a range of what they consider the second B. This one offers a basket of what you might want, with milk in the fridge. This is a good thing, because the office is something like 2.5 kms away. This is pretty much as out in the boonies as you can get along this section of the Sicilian coast—or across much of Europe!

Almost full moon, very little in the way of light pollution, the background boom of breakers on the beach—life is good!

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  1. Robert & Mary Jo says:

    Wow, how do you find these places? Do they have chocolate spread in the basket? We found that the places we went in Italy they sure liked their sweets in the morning! We’re enjoying wine in our wine glasses we got in Vernazza as we head to the hottub. We had a rainy day but Robert got some work done on a new storage shed he’s building. Love the posts, so glad you’re having a great time.