Selinunte ruin swallows photographer tourists

We did the ruins thing again today (and they were Spec Tac You Larrh!!!), but we did more….

We wandered old-town Marsala. We saw streets of marble (I think), and narrow alleys headed not-sure-where. We saw monumental churches, with the big one decorated ready for a wedding, with a red carpet from the street directly to the center aisle, and two kneeling cushions ready on the altar. We enjoyed our bonus of the practicing organist, off to the right near the front/altar.

Ya gotta love civic-ceremonial architecture!

And so, in the photo, I give you two photographers and one well-covered archaeologist amongst Selinunte’s fallen stones. This temple was never finished—they got the columns up—F on the right is standing in front of one—but they didn’t get them fluted. I think this was going to be the near-largest temple in Greek times…and built in Sicily—so maybe we skew our concept of those ancient people’s world just by using the word “Greek” in ways that make it more difficult to understand that world.

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