Today is Tuesday…

…so this must be Cefalù.

Cefalu church facing salita with socks store

I’m unsure what it means that a church and a store named Socks face the same little salita (tiny piazza).

Cefalu duomo opposite altar little decorated

A few blocks down the same street, you can climb steps up from the Piazza di Duomo to the cathedral. If you look back from the nave toward the door instead of at the fancy altar, you will see that otherwise the church has little interior decoration. You probably can’t tell that the stained glass/colored windows are modern and in a modern style; does this mean that the windows were plain before this late 1980s installation?

Madonies fly on high altitude flower

After Cefalù, we cut inland and climbed into the Madonies—or our Ford did. These are the highest mountains on the island after Mt. Etna. On our way to driving into a cloud we discovered a cork forest, Quercus suber. I found this fly-decorated flower amongst the well-browsed (cattle, sheep, goats, probably) undergrowth.

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